sidera team


They follow the trends

Sidera follows the trends of advertising and integrates them effectively in the local environment. They dare to try something different while maintaining strict focus on the effectiveness and measurability of their results. Small team with a BIG HEART that gives you more than you expected.

Samo Pavlovič
Rauch Croatia and Slovenia

Dedication, efficiency and creativity

I have had a great experience of working with Sidera agency on introducing and developing new brand on Slovenian market and creating the brand image which appealed to very young target group. Dedication, efficiency and creativity were the main characteristics of the attitude that Sidera had toward us as their client, which I believe, is not possible to encounter often in our line of business.

Maja Knežević
Regional Marketing Manager for Honor
Huawei Technologies

Total involvement

To understand the story and involve yourself in it so you can pass it on – that was our wish three years ago when we started looking for someone who was prepared to do that for us. At that time we did not realize that marketing agencies make wishes come true as well but Urška did it. That’s why I gladly recommend that anyone who needs someone to build their story and then spread it around to start working with Sidera agency.

Silvo Žižek
Zlati grič d.o.o.

We recommend the company Sidera d.o.o.

We have been working with the company Sidera d.o.o. for several years now. During this time, Sidera has carried out a number of marketing services for us, such as integrated marketing campaigns for the promotion of brands we represent, including tastings and other support actions. Similarly, they have created a new corporate identity and website for the company Frigologo d.o.o., a company belonging to our group, in an extremely short timeframe. We are extremely pleased with the work done by the company Sidera: with their creative ideas and approaches, with their precision, reliability and their prompt and professional response. We gladly and with all seriousness recommend the company Sidera d.o.o. to anyone who might need creative, effective, professional and reliably executed services in the field of marketing.

Aleš Erčulj
Managing Director
Erfa d.o.o and Frigologo d.o.o.

Great efficiency and results

We started working with Urška in the project “Let’s talk about infertility” and she immediately convinced me with her capability. The results are the ones that matter and I appreciate that. Great efficiency, without exaggeration.

Andreja Verovšek
B.A. in Social Work, Project Manager

One of the most reliable PR agencies

Sidera is one of the most reliable PR agencies that we work with. We are delighted to see that good brands are working with an agency that is a master of content marketing and preparation of interesting content. E-mails we receive from Sidera are always read very thoroughly and with great interest – which is a rarity, considering the quantity of e-mails and PR messages we receive in our mailboxes. I can certainly say that all, local and global clients, can be very pleased when they select Sidera for the Slovenian market.

Andreja Kočar Pečnik
Key Account Manager

Extreme attention to details

I have had a great experience of working with Sidera agency on introducing and developing new brand on Slovenian market and creating the brand image which appealed to very young target group. Dedication, efficiency and creativity were the main characteristics of the attitude that Sidera had toward us as their client, which I believe, is not possible to encounter often in our line of business.

Jana Šav
Marketing Manager at Karlovi vari
Subsidiary Ljubljana d.o.o.

Positive media response and improved sales

We collaborate with different communication agencies for various projects and products at Tosama. This also has its downside, since we often lose a complete review. When we started working with Urška, she convinced us with her approach. She was not only focused on the selected product or project, but she always wanted to get familiar with the story and present the complete story from different perspectives. The response from the market was immediate and massive. The positive media response is also reflected in improved sales. I am happy to collaborate with her agency.

Tanja Peterca
Program Manager of Mass Consumption
Tosama d.o.o.

New, innovative ideas

We live in times when the constant changes in the environment, habits and demands of consumers require our immediate feedbacks. What today is considered great may tomorrow no longer be acceptable. We need to be different; we have to be able to surprise and to identify the wishes and needs of our clients – our partners. Therefore, it is often very useful to talk about our company and to talk about our own challenges to someone who is not involved into our company’s business on daily basis and therefore has a more “unconcerned” and objective view. Therefore, it has already been one and a half year since we started working with Urška Ambrož, who always knows how to “hold up a mirror” and she always amazes us with new, innovative ideas for market appearance. Urška has been a breath of fresh air and has given a plenty of useful ideas to our team.

Aleša Kandus Benčina
Medex d.o.o.

Story of success

Once you decide to collaborate with Urška you know that your ideas and wishes are immediately going to get their own story, mostly the story of success. She is distinguished by a good knowledge of the media field and the ability to become part of various business stories.

Tatjana Eberl
Zeleni izvir

Profesionalno in z dušo

We carried out two different events with Sidera agency – one was intended for the media and bloggers, the other one was intended for the general public. Both times the organisation was carried out professionally and with a soul. What particularly persuades is an economical attitude of how to do as much as possible with the least resources. Urška also impresses with her enthusiasm and warmth with which she discreetly weaves acquaintances and builds an effective social network that is priceless when it comes to PR. I recommend this company!

Andreja Fras Martini
Marketing for P & G
Orbico Slovenia

Fast, responsive, full of ideas

We started working with Urška three years ago when the ownership of Domina Activa d.o.o., its general representatives and the distributor of the cosmetic house ARTDECO from Germany changed. As a responsible person in the company, I felt that, simultaneously, we also need a change in advertising, a withdrawal from the average. But what do we do and how? Together with Urška we immediately found a common language and have strengthened our collaboration in these years; from event organisation at the opening of our make-up studio, the incredible number of PR publications in magazines, to our joint project – the online sales of Moja kozmetika cosmetics. Fast, responsive, full of ideas, thinks in advance … such is Sidera d.o.o., or Urška. I recommend the collaboration to everyone who needs fresh ideas.

Aleksandra Gruden
Domina Activa d.o.o.

Excellent relationship with the media

From the first moment of our collaboration, Sidera has shown amazing positive energy and attitude towards our brand. Urška is a unique person who always devotes even more energy and effort as expected, and thereby achieves brand exposure in all mainstream media, both in printed and online media. With a great desire to contribute to the changes in the market, with an excellent relationship with the media and with the understanding of the main goals of the brand, Urška always surpasses the outlined plans. Urška’s personal attachment and dedication to her partners and their brands are invaluable.

Danijela Jovanović
Head of Marketing in the Region

Responsiveness, speed, accuracy and effort

We collaborate with Sidera agency perfectly. I, myself, appreciate the responsiveness, speed, accuracy and effort that Urška puts in any advertising campaign of her client. She establishes personal ties which are nowadays very important. In this case we are; of course, willing to do more for this kind of person, offer more, especially if they (Sidera) show great dedication to collaboration.

Lana Jankovič
Head of Marketing
Videotop Color media d.o.o.

Creative power

We started working with Urška at the beginning of our business journey. With her help we have gained creative power, have found solutions and have built an active collaboration. She is a reliable partner who listens to the demands and desires of her clients.

Branka Cvjetićanin
B.A. in Economics, Director
VivaDerm d.o.o.

Properly, efficiently, consistently, reliably

Working with Urška means working properly, efficiently, consistently, and above all, reliably. This kind of business partner relationships is what we all desire and appreciate. Therefore, I am looking forward to our business collaboration in the future.

Tanja Božinac
Essentiq Cosmetics d.o.o.

Innovative ways of communication

In the era of a growing number of offers on one hand and the demands of our clients on the other, it is extremely important to choose the right marketing communication methods. Sidera is a compatible partner, who listens to its clients and at the same time it knows about or learns about the demands, wishes and needs of the target group, taking the integrity of marketing into account. It respects the values and promises of a brand or products and tries to find innovative and mainly the right ways of communication.

Maja Ambrož
Head of Marketing
Medex d.o.o.

Creative and effective marketing approaches

When the surveys of marketing trends showed an alarming situation we did not hesitate. We knew that we needed more creative and effective marketing approaches, someone fresh and new. Urška guided us and outlined some interesting proposals, even those we had not considered before and which proved to be realisable without excessive financial investment. Efficient and different solution with measurable results; this is the only thing that matters!

Lidija Perčič
Rauch d.o.o.

Surprised in a positive way

Sidera has surprised us in a very positive way with the launch of our new brand Milk Tiger. With their knowledge, experience and hard work we carried out a very effective communication at the event at the Ljubljana ZOO and achieved a very high number of potential clients via social media. I recommend that every company which seeks effective and innovative PR solution gives Sidera a try – it’s worth it!

Jure Bojnec
Head of Sales
Adriatic Region at Zott


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